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Stredoslovenská energetika supports Dolný Kubín-based school for disabled children to switch to storage heating.

The Stredoslovenská energetika, a.s. (SSE) company supported storage heating equipment worth almost SKK900,000 to a merged school in Dolný Kubín during its reconstruction . Herewith SSE accomplishes its strategy in terms of providing assistance to socially vulnerable groups and in terms of promoting wider use of storage heating .

The complex reconstruction of the Dolný Kubín-based school for physically and mentally disabled children was launched in July 2006. The reconstruction was aimed to increase comfort and accessibility of the building SSE offered help to resolve the unsuitable condition of the heating system.

At a ceremony held on 13 February 2007 Drs. Erik Regter, a member of the Board of Directors, handed over 19 new storage heaters to the representatives of the school and the city. The total installed capacity of the heaters is rated at 86 kWh with capital expenditure totalling almost SKK900,000.

The school headmaster, Mgr. Tatiana Otepková, stressed the importance of the help provided by SSE. In this respect she emphasized that the discount rates, which SSE offers with storage heating, will contribute to the reduction of operation costs which can be offered for different purposes in the interest of the school pupils
"We were pleased by the fact that SSE had taken notice of our 30 pupils with combined i.e. mental and physical disability. Not all companies support in such a significant way those who find help and their place in the society only with big difficulties", the headmaster said.

The SSE company recommends all of its customers using electric heating to switch to storage heating. It is a comfortable, modern and economic heating method, which is environment-friendly. Electricity is supplied mainly at night hours, which allows its purchase for a better price. By their consumption, the customers in the D25 tariff, which is suitable for storage heating, facilitate optimal use of the distribution system, thus reducing the unit price for other customers. For this reason, SSE has been promoting storage heating as the most profitable method of electric heating for a long time.

In cooperation with Dexia Bank SSE developed a loan product for its customers to finance investment in energy efficient appliances like storage heating. For SSE customers Dexia banka Slovensko, offers advantageous conditions and easy approval procedure. This in combination with large discounts on appliances and the attractive electricity tariff D25 makes storage heating an attractive option especially for high volume users.
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